About Us


At Wavecrop we are creating a quantum energy source using scientific technology to make changes to peoples lives. We are a Australian owned and managed company researching and developing a Quantum energy source and quantum products.

We source and manufacture our products in house of the highest quality grade and deem Wavecrop products safe to use.  With our experienced team we believe we have the ability to offer an extensive offering of support. Wavecrop can change your life today.



Founder and CEO of Wavecrop, Russell Goldman first became interested in parallel universes in 2016. His continued study led him to areas of theoretical physics and his creation of 2 equations:

Qe = (psi)e^                and       (psi) = e x n

Index:  (psi) - Wave Function              e - Energy                 Qe - Quantum Energy


Russell Goldman - Founder and CEO of Wavecrop®




Our headquarters are based in the South East of Melbourne, Australia  housing our sales, customer service,  design, technical and marketing team.

We hope you have a positive experience when shopping with us and enjoy the quality of our products.   



We welcome you to call us so we can help you through any questions you may have.  We value your feedback, this keeps our team busy and more importantly helps us to make your Wavecrop journey a better experience.  

Best Wishes from all of the Team