Been sitting here all morning hoping to get my own Wavecrop soon!! Didn't expect it to work immediately, clearly I am so open to it, it's giving me immediate results without even being. In my possession. This is awesome!!! Was going shopping but will stay home and wait it you plan to deliver?!!


After being single for 10 years, I found love in 4 weeks with Wavecrop. I never thought I would meet my perfect match, until Wavecrop connected me to the quantum wave. I am now happily in a relationship and life has never been better!


I am the president of a local football club, and I was thinking about sending a member of the squad to China to play, however the cost of this would be over $3000. I had never mentioned this idea to anyone before and believed raising the money was impossible. Today I receieved a call out of the blue from a parent wishing to discuss a trip to China for a member, completely paid for!

My business has also been performing amazingly each week, with new employees coming on board that I could not find. I am a very happy Wavecrop member!


My 6 year old daughter suffers from Autism and has always had speech and behavioral problems. She has never spoken a word after all these years until I used Wavecrop. I placed the device next to her every night while she slept, and after 3 weeks she said her first words (socks and shoes) at school. This is not random, it is real and it is all thanks to Wavecrop.


I am a university student and placed my Wavecrop next to my home computer. Within weeks, I noticed large increases in concentration levels when studying and I generally felt like I learnt new material much more quickly and efficiently. I also feel like I retain information for much longer, and am able to do any task to the best of my ability. I have had Wavecrop for the second half of 2018 and have received the best university results I have ever had. Thanks Wavecrop!


I noticed almost immediate benefits around the house. Every day I felt a little happier, and am now constantly in a good mood. I did not expect it to work immediately but it really has impacted my life in so many small ways. I am able to find the solution to small problems without even having to think about them.


I am a professional in employment for the past 35 years. I have always wanted to be in business and recently I am working on a product. I have been working on the design concept, production, marketing and administration. I don’t feel anxious, I am very happy with my career, family and general life being smooth. These are my amazing experiences with Wavecrop.